Flatpak Software - Wishlist



The TeamViewer add-on in Chrome only allows me to control a remote machine, it does NOT permit remote control of my machine. In other words, if the computer that I want to remote into is running Endless, it won’t work.


I would really love to see virtual box at endless os


I’d rather see a solution based on QEMU so I could run a VM on the Mini (ARM) as well.


Just joined the community due that wonderful Lunduke Hour episode with Michael Hall!

One flatpak wish coming to mind would be qsopcast. A very relevant thingy for all those often enjoying for example live HD sportstreams.



It would be very nice to have access to jetbrains IDEs (webstorm, android-studio, clion)



Hi, I’d like to be able to use on EndlessOS Wunderlist, EverNote


Also NixNote and Google Drive






The wish list points to applications that already have an application in gnu/linux and thus propose to be available in Endless OS. Google Drive has no official gnu/linux application … anyway you can currently use the GDrive integration available in gnome-online-accounts.


Yes, I kown the web versions. But I’d like to not be so dependent on a internet connection to use those programs.


saw a video recently & it basically shows the difference between the various packing-formats::



Eu trabalho com Refrigeração e tenho um programa de gestação empresarial CTP e não consigo estalar…
deixo o meu E-mail: refrigeracaoremaq@gmail.com


@PauloLara Unfortunately not all program will work on Endless OS, some are designed to only work with specific operating systems like Windows and Mac. If you can provide me with more details about this CTP program, I will see if it’s possible to support it in Endless OS.

Infelizmente, nem todo o programa funcionará no sistema operacional Endless, alguns são projetados para funcionar apenas com sistemas operacionais específicos, como o Windows e o Mac. Se você puder me fornecer mais detalhes sobre este programa CTP, vou ver se é possível apoiá-lo no sistema operacional Endless.


Although Blender is by far a premier video editor, OpenShot would be good to add to the repo to provide a simplified video edition solution (for those new to video editing), and it integrates well with Gnome. Also OneDrive-D (or comparable app) which would allow accessing Microsoft OneDrive folders via Nautilus, plus an app for enabling Wifi display screen casting would be sweet!


Wunderlist is a great suggestion however Wunderlist was bought by Microsoft and development has since ceased. The team’s new focus is on Microsoft’s To Do app for Android.


I’d like to propose Tux Guitar. This is a very mature and robust app used for reading, creating and editing guitar tablature files:



I want to use truecrypt application


TrueCrypt can’t be added as a flatpak, that would need to be integrated deeply into the OS. However I will take that as a feature request for more encryption!

@nolatux thanks for those suggestions! I’ve added them to the suggestion backlog. There’s now a Java runtime available on Flathub so something like TuxGuitar is totally possible now.