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Once more, although there is also at least one other post for that: RStudio

There is already a flatpak manifest by Alexander WIlms for it, with which it is possible to create a flatpak bundle.


Hello I would like to see two apps on flatpak. They are:
1 - Spek : http://spek.cc/

2 - Kid3tag: https://kid3.sourceforge.io/

Please, I need these apps.
Thanks for attention.


RawTherapee might be a good alternative of DarkTable for those of us who don’t need a full-size lightroom replacement.



can i get software for anti sleep or stay awake my laptop like caffeine, because i used it for downloading

Ajouter quelques applications

I’d like to use Ocenaudio audio editor.


You can temporarily prevent all kind of sleep with:

systemctl mask --now --runtime sleep.target suspend.target hibernate.target hybrid-sleep.target

this will disable all power related systemd targets until the next reboot. To re-enable these again without a reboot, enter:

systemctl unmask --now --runtime sleep.target suspend.target hibernate.target hybrid-sleep.target

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It would be cool to add LiveCode for people who wanna create application without learning the language Java (Android Studio)

And Bluestacks to emulate Android games :wink:

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