Google Chrome does not update

Hi There, my google Chrome does not update since a while, Im getting worried here.
eos-diagnostic-230123_140547_UTC 0000.txt (1.3 MB)

Yeah, the last version on eos-apps repo is 107.0.5304.121-1.
But the last version on git is 109.0.5414.119-1.

Why not sync? @dan @Daniel

Sorry, it’s currently not being automatically released. I did that now. I hope to get the new builds automatically released soon.

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Chrome now on 109.0.5414.119-1. Thanks!

How can I update my endless linux version 3.6.0 to the latest version? its been 4 years since the last update of my laptop. also I can’t download my Google Chrome because my flatpak version is not up-to-date
help me. @dan @Daniel

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In case anyone gets here again, the Chrome Flatpak is now being automatically built and released. It should be available within 12 hours from when Google releases an update.

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