How to uninstall endless?

When I want to uninstall endless os, the application said that I must contact people from the endless os for assistance. Then, I install again the installer from internet, and when I want to uninstall it from the installer, the log is like this:EndlessInstaller20201107_13_05_21.log (37,4 KB)
how can I uninstall that?

I have tried to uninstall it by using the normal way.
But, the notification appeared like this.

When I was trying to open the OS, there were some weird words appeared

Hey @AnthonyCamiloLim,

Can you go back to Windows,

  1. Reopen the Endless-Installer.exe
  2. Take a screenshot or photo
  3. Close the Endless Installer
  4. Upload the photo and also the latest EndlessInstaller2020*.log file from the same folder

these are the screenshots

and the fileEndlessInstaller20201112_16_50_43.log (34,0 KB)

Hello @AnthonyCamiloLim

We can still manually remove the grub and the boot entry, also the Endless files on your Windows.

But I would like to check with your disk partition table first,

This is my disk partition

To manually remove the installer generated Dualboot environment, perform the following steps:

  1. Open a elevated command prompt
  2. Restore the Microsoft Boot environment:
bcdboot %SystemRoot%
  1. Now reboot to make sure that the Microsoft Bootload is used instead of GRUB
  2. If this is the case, open a elevated prompt again and run
icacls %SystemDrive%\endless /remove Everyone /T
icacls %SystemDrive%\endless /grant %USERNAME%:F /t
rmdir /s /q %SystemDrive%\endless
  1. Now there are still some files left on the UEFI Boot partition, but they do no harm to anyone, so we leave it for now.

You hate Endless and request help from the People here? Interesting :slight_smile:


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