I cant open my computer help please urgente

When i open my computer, he stay with the endless page and dosnt want to open. Its is been 2 days i tried to restart but he doesn. HELP ME PLEASE

  1. When you press ESC during the EOS logo is shown, you should see what’s going on behind the scenes. Please post a Photo of it.
  2. Can you enter the Boot Menu by holding ESC after you turned on your computer. You should be able to boot to your previous installation in the “Advanced” Menu.

It seems I have almost the same problem. Yesterday morning it used to get stuck on the logo.
Now, after many attempts to boot, it gets stuck past the logo, on a blank screen.
I would like to be able to recover my documents and reinstall fresh.

Here is all the info I managed to capture during boot:

@mev you can try repairing your filesystem using the instructions here: Endless doesn't run

Oh it looks like @mev already resolved their issue in this thread: Help me recover documents. Endless OS fails to boot

Closing this since @Yess hasn’t provided enough information for their issue to be diagnosed.