LINUX/MAC iso download link broken!?



hey guys, trying to download endless OS but the linux/mac tab doesnt do anything!? doesnt redirect, doesnt start a download, nothing, i can download the exe but its of no use to me since i’m on linux too! can someone give me a download link for linux x64 full ? or maybe see whats going on with the tab redirect. thanks!

edit: tried it on arch linux with firefox, also tried it on google chrome and firefox on windows 10!


Sorry this hasn’t been working for you. Do you have JavaScript disabled or some kind of ad blocker? If you visit you should see a table of links (torrent, ISO and raw disk image) at the bottom.


hey! i do have javascript, the windows 10 machines its from my non techy gf, and i doubt it that she even knows how to mess with it. maybe the ublock origin is blocking it? anyway! thanks a lot!

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