No external sound device recognized

I recently installed Endless OS on a raspberry pi with 8g ram. More than enough to run the OS smoothly. However, I recently plugged in speakers through the AV port on the ras pi and Endless does’t seem to be recognizing the device. The OS doesn’t seem as intuitive as other linux distros, and the first time using it, I’m trying to get adjusted to the package delivery system i.e., Ostree vs apt. That said what are some solutions to look at for this particular issue.

So this is a non issue. The issue, for some reason may have had to do with setup. I set up a ras pi for my son with endless os. His monotor has one hdmi port and has a few devices hooked up using a hdmi switch. The external speakers i plugged directly into the ras pi av port and for some reason got no audio. I got a new hdmi switch / audio extractor and plugged the speakers directly into its av port and got sound not only from my ras pi setup but for all devices connected to it.

Problem solved

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