OS update, Browser install/update

I have executed the first steps indicated within the troubleshooting article
at the address indicated by the link support.endlessos.org/en/troubleshooting/eos3-ostree-signing-key-expired
.More specifically I ran in the terminal the first succession of commands, then restarted the computer, as indicated.

After having restarted, it seems the OS is updated to version 3.9.7(from 3.3.19)
But Google chrome cannot be installed, as it is not supported.
So I only have Firefox installed, and it is an old version(52.6.0), which I cannot update.
This version of Firefox cannot open the page indicated by the above-mentioned link

Therefore I’m not able to continue performing the remaining steps within the recommendations on this page.
Could someone please send me a copy(or screenshot) of the respective page within an email?
Thankseos-diagnostic-221218_213010_UTC 0200.txt (10.2 MB)

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