QT application theme


how I can change QT application theme?

(like Okular, etc.)


You need to install a few additional flatpak’s for Qt applications to pick up the GTK theme:

flatpak install flathub org.kde.PlatformTheme.QGnomePlatform//5.9 org.kde.PlatformTheme.QGnomePlatform//5.11 org.kde.PlatformTheme.QGnomePlatform//5.12 org.kde.PlatformTheme.QGnomePlatform//5.10 org.kde.KStyle.Adwaita//5.9 org.kde.KStyle.Adwaita//5.10 org.kde.KStyle.Adwaita//5.11 org.kde.KStyle.Adwaita//5.12


I use black theme in GTK
(~$ gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme “Ultimate-Dark-Blue”)
is anyway to change QT theme to black too?


From what i’ve read so far, currently only Adwaita ist supported in Flatpaks, but that might change over time, when the entire Flatpak Thing matures further.

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