Release | Endless OS 3.9.1

Endless OS 3.9.1 was released for existing users today, December 7th, 2020.

Downloadable images for new users will be available in the next few days.

Updated hardware support

We received several reports that the keyboard on some Asus laptops have stopped working after the 3.9.0 upgrade. We were not able to reproduce on several different Asus laptops we have access to, but nonetheless we are shipping a few changes in the Linux kernel that we expect to fix the problem. If you were affected by this problem on 3.9.0, please let us know in the forums if this update fixes the problem on your machine.

A previously known problem causing ISO images to have a 90s delay during boot was fixed, so 3.9.1 ISO images will no longer have this delay.

The NVIDIA drivers we ship have been upgraded to version 450.80, adding support for a few new graphics cards.

Finally, the virtualbox-guest-utils package has also been upgraded (we had already upgraded the kernel-side support on 3.9.0), and we also enabled 3D acceleration by default when importing our downloadable OVF images on Virtualbox or VMWare. If you already have a virtual machine running Endless OS, you can simply upgrade it to the latest version and enable 3D acceleration in the VM settings to take advantage of this improvement (on Virtualbox you need to make sure that VMSVGA is selected as the graphics controller for 3D acceleration to work).


We have completed another step towards establishing Hack as an open source project outside of Endless. After open sourcing the code with 3.9.0, we have published the Hack apps on Flathub.

We’ve also continued our work to make Hack available outside of Endless OS. Hack now runs on any GNOME based Linux system that has GNOME Shell version 3.36 or higher, and a Flatpak version above 1.8.2. For example, Hack now runs on Ubuntu 20.10 and Fedora 33. This also means that Hack now uses the Wayland Display Server, since it’s enabled by default on Fedora 33’s GNOME Desktop.

We have also improved the experience of installing applications when they’re required by quests - Quests now prompt the user to install the application. If the user accepts, the quest launches the software backend automatically and initiates the install.

We’ve added some new quest content to Hack, as well! In this version, we’ve added 4 more quests for Krita, covering simple animation as well as the basics of cel-shading and pixel art. We’ve also added another new quest that takes a different approach to beginner programming, using the turtle!

Other Improvements and Changes

  • On Endless OS 3.9.0, an issue was introduced where the calendar/notifications menu would fail to show when its size was too big for the screen. This is now fixed.
  • The LibreOffice icons are now updated to the official/upstream versions.
  • The Desktop icons will now expand on hover to show the full icon name when applicable.
  • The Parental Controls application was updated to simplify the options used to configure application installation restrictions.
  • Unused Flatpak runtimes are now removed automatically during updates if they are marked end-of-life, to free up disk space.
  • Support for installing or updating apps and for updating the OS from a USB drive using the App Center is now fixed. Apps show up in the “USB” category and OS updates show in the “Updates” tab.
  • Other general improvements and bugfixes.

After updating from 3.9.0 I’ve running into the following error on App-Center
error: No such ref ‘runtime/org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/3.22’ in remote flathub
Now I cant update any of the Packages anymore :frowning:

  1. Open the application called ‘Terminal
  2. In this application run the command:

flatpak repair

Same after repair :frowning:

Any way to force update of org.gnome.Platform ?

Your issue stems from installed applications, which use a runtime no longer available. This problem can occur, if you make a huge update leap and skip several versions.

The first thing we need to do is to find the application(s) which use this old runtime. Open a Terminal and enter:

flatpak list --app-runtime=org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/3.22

Please post this output here.

Not using it often or productive. But didn’t expect, that a dist-upgrade (esp. such a small one) break the depencies. Especially not on a beginners distro.

Name                    Application ID                               Version         Zweig         Ursprung        Installation
Dinosaurs               com.endlessm.dinosaurs.en                                    eos3          eos-apps        system
Disabilities            com.endlessm.disabilities.en                                 eos3          eos-apps        system
Encyclopedia            com.endlessm.encyclopedia.en                                 eos3          eos-apps        system
Farming                 com.endlessm.farming.en                                      eos3          eos-apps        system
Mein Budget                                            eos3          eos-apps        system
Geography               com.endlessm.geography.en                                    eos3          eos-apps        system
Health                                               eos3          eos-apps        system
Football                                             eos3          eos-apps        system
Social Sciences         com.endlessm.socialsciences.en                               eos3          eos-apps        system
Textbooks               com.endlessm.textbooks.en                                    eos3          eos-apps        system
Travel                                               eos3          eos-apps        system
VideoNet                com.endlessm.videonet                                        eos3          eos-apps        system
Sanitation              com.endlessm.water_and_sanitation.en                         eos3          eos-apps        system
Weather                                                eos3          eos-apps        system
Locale                  com.hack_computer.Clubhouse.Locale                           stable        flathub         system
Minetest                net.minetest.Minetest                                        stable        flathub         system
Freeciv (gtk2)          org.freeciv.Freeciv                                          stable        flathub         system
Freecell                org.gnome.Freecell                                           eos3          eos-apps        system
Genius                  org.gnome.Genius                             1.0.24          stable        flathub         system
Gnote                   org.gnome.Gnote                                              stable        flathub         system
Solitaire               org.gnome.Solitaire                                          eos3          eos-apps        system
Inkscape                org.inkscape.Inkscape                                        stable        flathub         system
Pitivi                  org.pitivi.Pitivi                                            stable        flathub         system
Stellarium              org.stellarium.Stellarium                                    stable        flathub         system
Tux Paint               org.tuxpaint.Tuxpaint                        0.922           stable        flathub         system

Guess I’ve to upgrade all of them? (hope there are updates available)

To update all these applications, run:

flatpak update --appstream -y
flatpak list --columns=app --app-runtime=org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/3.22 | while read ref
    flatpak uninstall -y ${ref}
    flatpak install -y ${ref}

Unfortunately, you can’t just simply run a flatpak-update for these applications as their runtime changed completely, so the way is to uninstall and the reinstall again.

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Not sure, if that loop is working propper… maybe some encoding issues?

megachip@endless:~$ flatpak list --columns=app --app-runtime=org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/3.22 | while read ref
> do
>     flatpak uninstall -y ${ref}
>     flatpak install -y ${ref}
> done
F: Ignoring duplicate content rating

        ID                               Zweig        Op
 1.     com.endlessm.dinosaurs.en        eos3         r

^[[55;26RLooking for matches…

com.endlessm.dinosaurs.en permissions:
    ipc      network      pulseaudio      x11      dri     dbus access [1]     system dbus access [2]

    [1] org.gnome.ControlCenter, org.gnome.OnlineAccounts, org.gnome.Software
    [2] com.endlessm.Metrics

        ID                                  Zweig          Op          Remote            Download
 1.     com.endlessm.dinosaurs.en           eos3           i           eos-apps          < 85,6 MB

Installing… ████████████████████ 100%  1,1 MB/s  00:00^[[55;64R^[[55;64R
^[[55;73Rmegachip@endless:~$ ;1R;1R;17R;26R;1R;1R;17R;58R;47R;58R;58R;58R;58R;58R;58R;58R;59R;59R;59R;66R;66R;66R;66R;66R;66R;66R;66R;66R;66R;66R;66R;66R;66R;66R;66R;66R;66R;66R;66R;66R;66R;64R;66R;66R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;64R;73R

Looks good in general - and yes, also looks like some encoding thing. But nevermind :slight_smile:

But it’s not progressing :frowning: still stays on dinosaurs :frowning:

Do cycle exactly one app, than it hangs

If it hangs at com.endlessm.dinosaurs.en, try removing it first before running the commands from above:

flatpak uninstall -y com.endlessm.dinosaurs.en

Does it work now?

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