Release | Endless OS 3.9.3

Endless OS 3.9.3 was released for existing users today, Thursday 18th, 2021.

Downloadable images for new users will be available in the next few days.

Improved multi-user support for Kolibri

We heard your feedback! Previously, using Kolibri on Endless OS would store all content within one user on your system. This meant that, when a device is shared between multiple users in a family or classroom, users could not access the same offline content.

In this version of Endless OS, Kolibri now runs system-wide, and downloaded content is accessible to all users on the system, instead of a separate data directory for each user. This is more convenient, and saves valuable disk space if multiple users want to use the same content!

If you have already been using Kolibri, you can switch to the new behaviour and preserve your data. We added a migration script that will migrate the existing content and make it accessible system wide. If you create a new user on your system then the content will be available to this new user. Please run the eos-kolibri-migrate command in the Terminal App.

Other Improvements and Changes

  • App Center crash fix. A bug which may be triggered by an app being renamed by its developer has been fixed.
  • In Settings, “Keyboard Layouts” are now referred to as “Input Sources”. This is consistent with GNOME, and is more correct for languages where an input method editor is used. The functionality is unchanged.
  • ‘sudo’ security fix. A fix for CVE-2021-3156, codenamed “Baron Samedit” has been added to this release.
  • ‘glib‘ security fix. This low-level component has been updated to fix GHSL-2021-045 and a related security issue.
  • We have updated PulseAudio to version 14 and the ALSA libraries, to address audio problems on certain hardware.