Release | Endless OS Version 3.4.4

Version 3.4.4 is a minor release and includes various bug fixes.

  • Fixed letters appearing in the wrong order when searching on the desktop, caused by a problem with desktop input methods.
  • Significant improvements to the speed of installing new applications.
  • Recovered disk space used up by old versions of apps which have been moved from the Endless server to the Flathub server.
  • Fixes to App Center:
    • Fix repeated error message saying “failed to get permissions” when offline.
    • Show the app which is currently updating at the top of the updates list.
    • Correct the counter indicating the number of application updates available.
    • Improve the appearance of app detail pages when no screenshots are available.
  • Application fixes/updates:
    • Fix launch of Dropbox app.
    • Updated Google Chrome to version 67.
    • Allow access to serial ports for apps which talk to external devices, such as the Arduino IDE.
  • Other desktop fixes:
    • Avoid black line sometimes appearing near the top of the screen before the app window appears during app launch.
    • Correctly remove app icons from the taskbar when the application does not launch successfully.
    • Add support for creating/accessing encrypted USB and other external disks.
    • Fix showing the list of applications accessing a USB or other external disk while waiting for it to eject.
    • Fix the upgrade of “Endless Platform” on machines upgraded from Endless OS 3.0.
    • Improved robustness of the OS updater in certain situations, so it will continue to download details about the latest release even when full details of the currently installed version are not available.