Running Atom editor on ARM


Unfortunately, I do not see this in the app center on the Endless Mini. Atom was ported to ARMv7 as of April (some people are using it on Raspberry Pi) but I don’t see it under any of the app categories. I would have expected it under the Dev Tools category.

If you can somehow add the flatpak for Atom to the ARM-based app center I’d appreciate it.

Sugarizer in Endless



As an aside, Atom isn’t currently available for ARM since Electron (the platform it was built on) doesn’t work reliably on ARM yet. However, you may have some luck trying out what other people have tried here:

Steam and Slack are not available in App Center

Yeah, it looks like as of April it’s been running reliably on Raspberry Pi 3 (ARMv8). I haven’t seen any success stories yet for ARMv7.

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