"Split Flatpak repo from system OSTree repo" takes over an hour

Hi, maybe I have the same problem. My laptop have Endless 3.9.5 and today I do the upgrade to 4.0 and isn’t work. I follow the instructions but not start Endless. Please help…

This is not the same problem. You can see “Split Flatpak repo from system OSTree repo” is running. Just wait a few minutes for this one-time step to complete.

This is mentioned in the release notes:

  • Separating the OS and Flatpak apps into repositories . Previously, the operating system and Flatpak applications were stored using the same “repository” on disk. As part of the upgrade to Endless OS 4, these are moved to two separate repositories, which is a more standard configuration and may improve the reliability and performance of app installations slightly. The migration process to this new configuration causes the first reboot into Endless OS 4 to take longer than normal.

We are aware that some kind of progress indication would be useful in these cases!

Ok but, I’m waiting for almost 1 hour, that’s normal?

Longer than I would expect – does your computer have a spinning hard disk rather than a solid-state drive?

It’s finished. That take almost 1hour and 36 minutes, after the sistem give a message to reboot. It was really hard to upgrade but now it’s ok and running good.

Probrably thats the same with my computer ill try it

@James_Martinez Please could you provide a diagnostic file by running the following command in a Terminal window:

eos-diagnostics --full-journal

and then attach the resulting file here.

I hope that this will include some timing information from the process that took 1h36m that will allow us to understand why it was quite so slow

@James_Martinez it would help if we could get some log entries from the service to see where it’s taking so long. As @wjt mentioned, running eos-diagnostics --full-journal should include all the relevant information. Shorter output containing just the log entries for this service would be journalctl -u eos-split-flatpak-repo.service.

eos-diagnostic-211130_220609_UTC-0300.txt (3,8 MB)
Hi, this is the diagnostic…

Thanks for sending this. Unfortunately old log data is removed as new logs are generated so the log file does not go far enough back to get details of the slow boot process itself.

However this log file did reveal that your system had a large number apps downloaded but not installed, due to a historical Endless OS bug, which @dan is investigating further. This information will help us improve the startup speed for other users upgrading to Endless OS 4 – thanks!

I have written some more notes about this problem on our wiki:

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It is my pleasure, now, I will wait for a solution to remove those non-installed applications and any information that is not useful to my computer. If there is another problem, I will try to report it.

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