System cannot recover

Hello! This is the Window that suddenly appeared today. I kept clicking log out but The same Window shows up. What can I do?


When do you get this Window? Does it show when you try an specific action?

Can you please provide us with a diagnostic by running eos-diagnostics
As you are unable to log in graphically, perform the following:

  1. Press Ctrl-Alt-F2 to enter a console session
  2. Log in with your regular credentials
  3. Run eos-diagnostics
  4. Put a USB Stick into your device
  5. Run sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt
  6. Run cp eos-diagnostics* /mnt
  7. Run sudo umount /mnt
  8. Remove the USB Stick and upload the latest eos-diagnostics file from another computer to this thread.

If Step 5 does not work for you, the stick has probably another name. Run sudo blkid in this case to retrieve the correct device name.

Good luck.

I pressed ctrl +alt+f2 and appeared this and I cannot type any command.

I got this Window since yesterday by doing nothing but listening to music and having google Chrome open.

Try pressing Alt-F3 when in this window. Does it open a Login: prompt?

Nothing happens. It actually gives me the same white screen with the error.

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