Unable to boot back into windows after dual booting into Endless OS

I installed Endless OS after downloading its setup into my Windows laptop (Lenovo flex 10). After the setup finished I got a dual boot option and booted into Endless OS.

However, I am no longer able to boot into windows.

When the bootloader menu appears, my keyboard arrow keys don’t work, so I am not able to select which OS to boot into. And it boots into the default which is Endless OS.

Any help?

You probably have “Fastboot” enabled in your BIOS. This settings prevents the BIOS from initializing large parts of the Hardware and leaves that to the Operating System. Especially USB is often not initialized and so you are left with non-working Keyboards before the OS has taken over.

Run the following command when in EOS to reboot into the BIOS:

sudo systemctl reboot --firmware-setup

Now look for the Fastboot option and disable it.

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Thanks! This saved my PC from being non bootable. (I was only trying out Endless OS – all my files/apps are in Windows).

Note, for anyone else running into the problem:

After rebooting into the BIOS using answer from egrath, I was still not able to use my arrow keys or the Enter button to navigate the BIOS UI, however at the top of the BIOS screen was an option to ‘use default BIOS settings’ and it was to be invoked by pressing of the function keys (I think it was F6 or F7 or F8 on my PC), and when I pressed that, it worked!

After the PC restarted, I was able to use the arrow keys!

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