Unable to update Endless Application Platform version 1

eos-diagnostic-210126_164957_UTC 0200.txt (1.3 МБ)
I have not been able to update this application for ages! How can I update it?

Can you please run the following commands in Terminal and post it’s output:

flatpak update --appstream -y
flatpak update -y

Here you are!

Here is a screenshot after the completion of the process.

Use the following command to uninstall this outdated runtime which causes the problem. It’s no longer used by up-to-date EOS installations.

flatpak uninstall --force-remove -y com.endlessm.apps.Platform.Locale/x86_64/1

Now you should be able to update everything.

Thank you but there is an error. :frowning:

OK, then theres simply some application which relies on the Runtime in question, but it’s no longer there. Please run:

flatpak list --all --columns=application,runtime,arch,branch | grep com.endlessm.apps.Platform

And paste the output here. This lists the applications which want to use the outdated runtime. We have to deinstall them.

Here you are!

Please run:

flatpak uninstall -y com.endlessm.apps.Platform/x86_64/1

egrathStar Contributor
I have also not been able to update this application for two years. I ran all the commands you advised in this post. My screenshots were almost the same as borisd.
Your last command has given the long-awaited result - App Center wrote that software up do date!
Thank you very much for support.

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