Uninstalling Endless

Hello, I want to uninstall Endless and install Windows, I already have Windows installer on USB but I don’t understand what to do next and how. Also, I couldn’t find the boot options key. what can I do step by step Can anyone tell me? please!

You will need to boot into the Windows Installer and how to do this depends on the hardware you are using. On a Lenovo hardware this is generally done by inserting the USB Windows installer and powering on the hardware while holding down the “F12” key. This will bring up a boot menu and allow you to boot from the Windows Installer.

Different hardware will require you to hold down a different key to bring up the boot menu. You can check on the manufacturer’s web site or search on the internet to find the correct key combination for your hardware. (I believe that Dell hardware also uses “F12” and HP uses “F10”, but I do not have either Dell or HP hardware to try it on.)

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