Update Failed Dialogue Box

I am getting a Dialog Box with a arrow pointing up inside of an 8 pointeded star that says “Update Failed” “We could not update your system” I am not sure if this is an Endless Dialog box , or a dialogue box from an unknown source. How do I know?

What version of Endless OS are you using?
To check which version of Endless OS you are in Settings :arrow_right: Details

Perhaps you could take a screenshot using the “Prt Sc” button on your keyboard? It will end up in the “Pictures” directory in the “Documents” app.

I am not used to seeing this dialogue box, it appears randomly, never did before. I use Version 3.2.2. I have a reason to stick to this version, call it field tested SAFEST OS version I have ever encountered, that allows me the freedom to do everything I want. Updates change this. There is no way for me to shut off updates on this computer. ALSO, it makes no sense that Endless, would have this kind of difficulty updating the system. Because it is a NEW dialogue box to me, and it doesn’t identify any specific software or signature. I want to know where it comes from.
Thanks again community SPLASH

  1. Open the application called ‘Terminal’
  2. In this application run the command:
rm -f eos-update-flatpak-repos
wget --quiet https://raw.githubusercontent.com/endlessm/eos-boot-helper/e510a0b4/eos-update-flatpak-repos
chmod +x eos-update-flatpak-repos
sudo ./eos-update-flatpak-repos
flatpak install flathub org.libreoffice.LibreOffice -y
flatpak update --appstream && flatpak update -y
  1. Now try the operating system upgrade again and go to Endless OS 3.7.6

UM, thank you but that is like a “Programmed help desk” response. I wanted to know “IF” that was an Endless dialogue box or not? I am NOT interested in upgrading. Are you reading me?

In other words is this dialogue box Endless communicating with me or not ? That is the answer I want questioned, I am NOT looking for OS Upgrade information. I want to know if this a malicious code written against Endless or not, to take my question further. I have more information to lend credence to my inquiry.
This is why I asked the question without image to begin with. “IF” your an Endless Expert then an image would not be necessary for you to identify and Endless dialogue box.

Suffice it to say you have not answered my question

Thank You

Should I report to the community that this is evidence of a malicious code or what? If there is a malicious code written against Endless, DO YOU WANT TO KNOW? DO YOU CARE? I do, and would like the question answered. So far NO ONE has said that they have seen this Dialogue box before. Seems to me if it was an Endless dialogue box, someone would have indicated to me that it was.
At this point I can only assume that it is malicious code. Lacking any positive information from the Endless experts, I am left with no choice.

I ask because after purchase of my Endless Acer ES11 for a year I never saw this box, when I returned to America it began to appear, Why is this? Endless Update Dialogue box is not like this, and Endless certainly knows how to upgrade it own OS.

Thank you

3.2 is years old now, so it is a little hard for me (and presumably anyone else who has seen your thread) to remember what specific dialog boxes look like in that version - especially the ones that relate to rare conditions such as update failure.

Next time this happens, you could note down the time that you see it, then run journalctl -b in the terminal to view the system logs, paying particular attention to any messages logged around that timestamp.

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I purchased an Acer ES11 with Endless on it. used it for more than a year in SE Asia. When I got back to America, this Dialogue box began to appear. I have never seen it before.

Please no 'Help Desk Responses" I am familiar with the Endless Update Dialogue boxes and procedures. This one is new to me

Thank You Community

Yes, this dialog box comes from Endless OS.

Please try to update the system; when it fails you can can run eos-diagnostics to generate a debug log to help us help you. You can also run eos-updater-ctl status to see a more detailed error message.

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Oh Thank you. I appreciate your answer. What is the terminal code for shutting down updates? Do you know?

I found this Dialogue Box 'WHEN" my Endless was being hacked. I didn’t notice the hack, eBay noticed the Hack and alerted me. A second eBay account that I did create is now attached to my Facebook account, and on eBay. it has become a real headache for me.
So to upgrade, and then NOT HAVE an alarm that tells me I am being hacked is NO GOOD! I will lose that feature if I upgrade. I will however dedicate a hard drive to the newest version of Endless and see how it responds to my demands.
Thank you again

Why do you think this dialogue box alerted you to a hack? It is more likely that it is alerting you to an upgrade failure.

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