Virtual School Not Playing Videos (Chrome Issue)


Hi guys – this kind of just disappeared but it continues to be a real struggle for us: KA Lite Server Does not show the videos

Currently, on Endless 3.6.0, virtual school and other browser content opens by default in chromium. The only way to get Chrome as the default browser is to actually open Chrome on a new user account and set it as the default.

In our use case, getting this message to our users is difficult. The vast majority of users, once an admin has created them an account, login and expect Virtual School or other apps to work. In actuality, those things only work after they have launched chrome and proactively set it as the default, but that seems nearly impossible a message to deliver.

Is there any guidance to making chrome the default browser on new user accounts?


In the recent past, our only workaround was purchasing the codecs. It now appears those codecs are gone from sale? Is that true? gives me a 403 Forbidden error

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