VLC Media Playing Not Working


Hello, folks.

VLC was working fine until today when it suddenly shut down mid tune.

I uninstalled, reinstalled, checked for updates on both the app store and EOS 3 (details). No luck.

It’s installed, but now fails to launch from either the app centre or desktop. I’ve since uninstalled it.

I’ve attached an eos-diagnostics for your information.

eos-diagnostic-180406_142327_UTC 0700.txt (311.0 KB)

Many thanks.


VLC pleer don't run

@ramcq could help :endless:


Weird - looks like VLC is just shutting itself down. Seems like a messed up configuration file, something to do with skins for the UI?

Try erasing your configuration for VLC - run this command in a terminal (search “Terminal” on the desktop):
rm -rf .var/app/org.videolan.VLC

Then see if it launches.


Cheers, people.

Ran the command as advised, and all seems to be working now.

Many thanks.

Case closed…


Hi ramcq

I obviously spoke too soon! (See previous post)

VLC is still shutting itself down. I’ve attached another eos-diagnostics for your information.

eos-diagnostic-180407_053813_UTC 0700.txt (653.3 KB)

Many thanks.



Still having the same problem. A permanent fix would be very, very welcome.

I’ve attached the latest diagnostics for your information.


eos-diagnostic-180426_135411_UTC 0700.txt (636.6 KB)


VLC is still shutting down, see posts above. Any further thoughts, please? It’s now getting to be a pain! Thanks.

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