What should I do?

My endless is installed i don´t have a disk for it and my version are 3.9.5 and 3.8.7 and when I boot either of them they don´t do anything when I boot 3.9.5 the only thing is that it fails to start session and fails to save the current clock then in 3.8.7 I press esc and there are a lot of FAILED options and it fails to start split flatpack and start session then it freezes so what should I do? Exit endless and how do you or suggest a solution please let me know.

Can you get far enough that you can actually login? If so, please run the eos-diagnostics tool and upload the file here. If not, can you take a picture of the screen with the failure messages and upload it?

I can log in at all and I had this problem and I had reported this about 2 months ago and no solution

Then gets frozen in this screen

OK, it does appear there are several issues. Can you give a little more detail about your system? What version of Endless did it start with? Or are you just trying to install Endless for the first time?

See https://support.endlessos.org/en/troubleshooting/boot-into-emergency-mode as well. It’s possible that there are hardware problems with your hard drive.

I have been using endless over 3 years I think and it was working perfectly fine then I just restarted my computer and it didnt allow me to log in to the system and I know there is nothing wrong with my monitor because it works perfectly fine The versions that appear on my screen are 3.8.7 and 3.9.5 I think thats the issue but I dont know how to update it since I cant log in at all

Unable to do those things

I have a fujitsu monitor and a acer screen so probably that could help because I don’t use windows