When will EOS 5.x be released to Market for Intel Alder Lake CPU support?

Hi ,

Bass on the Release note information on website, EOS 5.x plan to release on 2022.
Since some user look forward to use EOS on intel ADL platform devices, kindly advice if EOS 5.x will be released on Dec. of 2022 ?

If you just want to use it for testing purposes you can switch to the master branch. I’ll use it for some time now and have not run into any issues, also running it on a 12th generation Intel cpu. However, expect some rough edges here and there as this is still under heavy active development currently.

As below discussion , ADL will be supported on EOS 5.x but won’t be supported on EOS 4.
If any update , kindly let me know . Thanks

Any update information for RTM release schedule ?