Wifi dongle on PC not compatable

Hi I am a beginner in pc and I am using the endless os 5.0. I read the information that yo wrote about the wifi but I do not have a clue of what you are all talking about. I not finding my way around.

The issue I have is that I installed endess os on a pc that used internet trough a wifi dongle and when endless os was installed the dongles stopped working.

I would say the pc is not even seeing it. I contacted the endless os support but they are not replying anymore, actually they never said anything usefull either. andyway here are the diagnostics that I managed to make. I made 2. 1 with the dongle in the usb port and the other without the dongle inserted.

Any help would be appreciated

eos-diagnostic-231022_202952_UTC 0200.txt (2,1 Mo)

eos-diagnostic-231022_203150_UTC 0200.txt (2,1 Mo)

Sorry that the docs in this area are hard to access when you have not had much exposure to the technicalities here.

From your diagnostics log, I can see that you have a USB-based Realtek adapter which is unsupported on Endless OS 5.0.

The in-development Endless OS 5.1 includes a driver that claims to support this device. A beta release will be published in the next few days, with the main release published a few days after. Because Realtek devices present problems so frequently, I am not sure how well this device will work with this new driver, but it is worth a try.

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Hello Daniel, thank you for your reply. Ok so I guess the best thing to do than is to buy a sure fire dongle for my pc rather than wait and buy another usb to reinstall the endless 5.1 beta.

Do you or can you or even is it possible to see from the reports I shared what and if there are any usb3 dongles that will 100% work with my pc (+endless 5.0)?

Thank you for your time my friend

Sadly it’s pretty hard to judge the usb-wifi Linux compatibility of devices.

I tried searching for e.g. “usb wifi that works on linux out of the box”, but it doesn’t really give me any convincing results (e.g. there’s a recommendation here but if you search more about that product, there are plenty of Linux users struggling with it).

You could try to obtain another dongle with a vendor with a flexible returns policy like Amazon. Sorry that we don’t have a better answer.

Endless OS 5.1 beta is out now as an online update, but you really need an internet connection to be able to upgrade your existing installation, so that won’t help you much.

You should be able to reuse the same USB disk that you used to install Endless OS 5.0 to reinstall Endless OS 5.1 when it comes out as final, but that may be 1-2 weeks away.

Ok, I will wait for the 5.1. Just a quick verification. How can I reuse a usb with endless5.0 to download 5.1? I dual booth on endless on a computer with internet acces and make the update while on dual booth?

I have a friend that has a widows pc that has internet acess but in return I do ot want to put his pc in risk of anysort.

Thank you for your time

I had not realised you were using the dual-boot setup. In that case, I think you should back up any interesting data you have on EOS, uninstall Endless OS from inside windows, then wait for Endless OS 5.1 to be released with download images available.
At that point, you can redo the Endless OS dual boot installation exactly like you did before, but it will install Endless OS 5.1 and you can try the new driver for your wifi dongle.

It is normal that you did not notice because I am not usind dual booth. I was refering to what you told me about reusing the first usb that I used to install endless 5.0. I originaly said that I will need to buy a new usb to download 5.1 and you replied to me that I dont have to and I can use the same usb That I used to download eos 5.0 to download 5.1 too.

I think there was a missunderstanding, I fault my english, anyway I will wait for the 5.1 and buy a new usb to downloaded on than i will reinstall endless os again but this time hopefully the 5.1 version will accept my wifi dongle, other wise its a 20euro in the toilet for a new usb.

As an update, we’re 1-2 days away from the 5.1.0 release.

I did also find a better answer about USB wifi dongles that have good compatibility with Linux & Endless OS: the devices sold by ThinkPenguin should be fully supported. Also, search for “AR9271” on Amazon or your local equivalent, any device based on the AR9271 chipset should work well and there seem to be plenty of affordable AR9271-based products in US & EU.

Hi there, yes the version 5.1 resolved the wifi dongle compatibility issues. But on the other hand some apps like “Hack” that before ere working in 5.0 now they dont…

Anyway but its very good now that I have access to the internet and finaly to see the “app store”.

Very interesting apps.

I dot nderstand how this OS is not one of the top 3 OS in the world.

When I was a kid it was magical to have ENCARTA in windows 98, you remember encarta?

Now ENDLESS OS is not one app like encarta but all of it is magical, its “fool proof”, greatest OS for kids and adults alike. With 5…1 I can access internet from a realteck dongle and to my surprice there is a very varied range of app selections that once downloaded they can be used without internet too.

Also the ENDLESS KEY, wow man, that is the best and safest internet acces I can let my kids use wihtout worry to find them staring at any thing rated X.

Thank you for your support

Many thanks for the feedback and kind words! I think you have grasped well what we are working towards. I’m curious to hear how reliably the wifi dongle works over time, any future news from your side would be very welcome!

Hack was removed in EOS-5.1.0 because sadly it’s a discontinued project - we haven’t updated or improved it in a long time, because we focused on Endless Key instead. I believe you can still download and install it from the app center though. Going forward, we are adapting our learning approach to align with our sister org Endless Studios and will be including more tools and resources in the OS & Endless Key.

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Hello i have a similar problem with the version 5.0.6
Since yesterday can’t conect the wi fi and i don t know what to do. Can you help me?

It’s ironic that I’ve never had problems installing a distribution of Linux until Endless. These forums are littered with you guys talking about compatibility issues when I’ve installed plenty of builds and if the wifi didn’t work, hooking it up to a wired connection and simply running a sudo apt update/upgrade immediately fixed the issue.

So I’m not sure why you guys continue to tell people nothing works out of the box. I’ve installed on desktops, laptops. Raspberry pies, home brew systems and all have had your main manufacturers for wifi, like Broadcom, Realtek, intel, mediatek etc. I’ve used redhat, Debian, Ubuntu and they’ve all worked fine after a lan update. This is the first time in my experience with a distro where the wifi hasn’t worked, you haven’t allowed me to get it to work, and you guys blame hardware every time this has come up on the forums.

While I can see having root access and directories locked for children, there should be a dev option, root access unlock ability for admins or parents.

You guys are reason there’s no out of the box compatibility. Not the manufacturers.

I would second Nullus on his idea to offer experienced Linux users a path to get additional upstream or Debian drivers, also adding kernel modules by dkms.

This would open also the ability to the support, by team or community, tech unaware users a solution if nothing else would help.

I don’t have any clues about OSTree, and if there might already be such path hidden in it’s capabilities, which could help to make this more or less easy.

Also I would highly appreciate, if this forum would be surveilled in a more active way by a (therefore bigger?) team. But it may be quiet, due to holidays.

I wish a nice Silvester Party!

That said, I admit, that OSTree seems to offer that already.

I found in tutorials a thread that shows, how to do that for a realtek driver. I’ll post that link later.

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Thank you for looking into that, unfortunately I went down this path already and the file system is still locked. It allows me to download everything and get all the way to the point where it comes to compile or upgrade and still returns the lock vomit.

There’s also another way around it where you type a command. I have to find it in my notes again… but it removes the lock, confirms the lock is removed but still won’t let you install.

Have you tried this method?

No, I’m currently only a week into EndlessOS. Also I 'm using it with their basic virtual box image/preset.

Therefore everything worked smoothly, despite some minor issues. Also, like with your broadcom WiFi I’m not able to install the Oracle VirtualBox guest additions im that VM. But networking and a high resolution is working anyway. Maybe there will arise some issues with 3D rendering, due to the lack of acceleration, I don’t know. At the moment I’m okay with it.

I had issues with stability with VirtualBox 6.1 and upgrading that in my Windows 7 laptop to 7.12. I had to upgrade it to a test version 7.13. with that version of VirtualBox everything is fine now with EndlessOS VM, despite the block of the guest additions.

I may will try it at home. I will return tomorrow to my hometown.

I like the energy but not sure if you are trying to write a CV or help the community here. About the “hooking it up to a wired connection”, well if you are pooping money and have some send over so we can buy and upkeep the service.

1 thing you can do is understand that for some of us internet is accessable only by mobile phone hotspot, so the wifi dongle is all we have.

About the developers leavng you “expert” people the access,

I guess I agree that, however I cannot say more because I am myself a beginer and do not understand much about computers.

TO Tania_H, the wifi issue has gone with the 5.1 version of endless.

Good day

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