Zoom crash when sharing screen

Hi, anyone is having this issue?
I can use zoom with no problem, but when I share screen after 5 - 10 seconds it just crush and close.
Any ideas?

Can you please immediatly after a crash (without restarting Zoom) upload the following file here in this Thread:


(To quickly find it, just press the Upload Button when replying, click “Choose Files”, then press Ctrl-L and paste the path from above)

Thanks for the reply egrath.
Here it is.
Hope I can solve this as I need zoom to work, and I really don t want to go back to windows

zoom_stdout_stderr.log (536,7 KB)

Have you taken this log after the crash? I don’t see any evidence of a application crash in it :frowning:

Can you please check if the Zoom Chrome Extensions does work for you?

Yes it was the log after the crash.
Will check later as I’m not with the laptop now.

It seems to work with the extension !
Will check longer and let you know.

So now zoom extension is working, and I try using chomium and works.
But still have the crash when I use the app.