ASUS Wifi Issues



There can be setting on wifi modem, that set the time how long your connection can last. This is more common on some public wifi modem. Looks like you do not have this, you can look it up. To be sure, by connecting your self locally to modem menu and see it there.


Unfortunately, 2 other laptops and 2 smartphones have no such problems with the same router…


Still no luck with this one. Under more serious load (~80% RAM load with it being mostly Chrome tabs) the adapter hangs and needs to be disabled via airplane mode and re-enabled to work again.


So much time later - still no fix. From what I read, this is not really an Endless-only bug but more of a Kernel thing instead - users with Mint and Ubuntu are facing similar issues as well. I still hope for an update because r8822be is kind of widely used wifi adapter - with Asus, Acer and Lenovo (and maybe more) using it in their laptops…

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