Beta Release | Endless OS 4.0.10~beta1 and 4.0.10~beta2

The first beta release of Endless OS 4.0.10~beta1 is out!

This release includes Initial Setup username crash fix and adding the RTC information into eos-diagnostics’ output. Please see the full release notes for details.

If you are not yet on following the beta channel on your Endless OS system, you can follow these instructions to set your machine on the beta channel. Beta testers are critical to catch bugs that may have slipped through during development before they hit the general public, especially when changes to our updater are made.

We also released 4.0.10~beta2 shortly after, re-enabling automatic periodic clean-up of /tmp and /var/tmp. Full details can be found on the release notes.

Are there any chances that hibernation to a swap partition will be supported sometimes in the future?

We don’t have plans to add a swap partition to default setup. In fact, a few years ago we removed a swap partition from our images and reclaimed the space occupied by the swap partition in deployed systems, in favor of a zram (compressed ramdisk) based swap space. Unfortunately that setup does not support hibernation, since swap lives in RAM.

That said, there is nothing blocking users from shrinking the root partition and manually adding a swap partition to the end of the disk, at which point I imagine hibernate would work normally (however, we can’t guarantee that such setup won’t break in the future, through OTA updates etc, so if you are going to try that make sure you have backups and can afford some downtime in case something breaks).

oops, I already added and enabled successfully a swap partition some time ago (thanks to @egrath and his help), but I was not able to enable hibernation. I am not sure but I fear that this is due to some config of EndlessOS since my laptop hibernates easily, when I boot Q4OS from an USB stick with a swap swap partition on the stick. The swap partition survived upgrading to Endless 4 (as far as I remember, I added the swap partition under EndlessOS 3.8 end of 2020).As far as I can see others at least this and that post suggest that the authors are interested in hibernation too.

Maybe this discussion should be moved this to another topic, but I don’t know how; I think it does not fit very well to topic releases …

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