Endless stuck in loading screen

laptop’s been stuck im afraid it got corrupted since i forgot to shut it down :frowning: i need help since i have online classes tomorrow. my laptop is acer aspire es11 and it came with endless os

I have to guess here, but at a first glance, it seems that eventually your filesystem got corrupted. Follow this thread to boot into a emergency shell and repair it:

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i managed to get into boot menu but it shows nothing and i dont know how to edit so i tried to manually type them according to the pic but it shows this??

When in the Boot Menu, press the ‘E’-Key to get into the Editor for the currently selected entry :slight_smile:

i managed to get into emergency mode, but when i type “unmount /sysroot” it says unmount: not found

i was typing unmount instead of umount hehe but i followed everything and i got it fixed, tysm for ur help