Get Involved | Newcomers Guide

At Endless, all kinds of contributions are welcome!

We value diversity and want to make this a welcoming place for everyone. Here are some ways that people are contributing, and how you can get involved. If you have ideas for how else to contribute, please add those ideas to this list.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Join Telegram: Endless OS – start chatting with other Endless community members. Join our main channel and as many other channels as you wish.

  2. Join the forum: – if you’ve just been browsing the forum, now’s the time to sign up for an account.

  3. Choose a way to contribute from below

I like to…


If you are a developer, we’d love your help improving Endless OS and also making more apps for our users.
Start coding!


Help us translate Endless OS from English into your native language. You can become a translator, reviewer, or coordinator.
Start translating!

Beta Test

Beta testers get to try out upcoming features, versions, and products. We need your help identifying problems before they are publicly released, and also letting us know any ideas you have for improvement.
Start beta testing!


If you’re interested in designing marketing materials for the Endless Community, we have resources and guidelines to help you get started.
Start designing!

Organize people and projects

If you like to organize people, things, and ideas, you can help us coordinate many different projects.
Start managing!

Speak in public

If you like to speak in public, you can represent us at local events and conferences.
Start speaking!

Take photos or make videos

We constantly need help creating local content for promoting Endless OS around the world. If you like taking photos or creating videos, please help us create content for our global and local audiences.
Start creating!


Many people are new to Endless OS, and to open source tools. Help us create articles and videos to teach people how to use Endless OS or some of the applications that run on it.
Start teaching!


If you like to write you can help us improve help articles here on the forum, or help us promote Endless all over the world. If you’re a journalist, we’d love for you to feature Endless regularly, or help us get it featured in your favorite publications.
Start writing!

Help people

You can help Endless OS users by sharing your knowledge and experience on our forums, answering questions on chat, or introducing people to Endless OS in person and on social media.
Start helping!