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Welcome to the visual resources page!

Here you’ll find things to help you design material to promote Endless OS. If you have other ideas for what could be useful to include, let us know.

Brand, Logos & Trademarks

  • Brand guide - this PDF has information on everything you might want to know about the Endless brand. If you’re designing material to promote Endless, please check this out first!

  • Endless Logos - this is a link to Dropbox, where you can download a zip file full of various formats (Adobe Illustrator, PNG, PDF, JPG, EPS) and colors of our logo. Here’s an example of what you’ll be downloading:

  • Images - We’ve collected some images that we’ve taken ourselves that you’re welcome to use when promoting Endless OS. Keep an eye out for more to be added!

  • Colors - You can also find this information in the brand book, but for easy access, here are the colors we use for Endless-related designs:

    • Deep Blue - #12272e
    • Deep Blue Print - #404041
    • Endless Orange - #f15a22
    • Modern Grey - #cdcdc5
    • Bright Yellow - #f2e941
    • Golden Yellow - #ffcd34
    • Vibrant Pink - #fc3647
    • Autumn Umber - #ad2d11
    • Seaside Teal - #07afa7
    • Vista Blue - #0098d2
    • Agile Red - #e0301e
    • Canvas White - #ffffff


We have many videos you can use on our Endless Computers YouTube and Endless Vimeo channels. We recommend that you start there first.

In addition, we have the following videos that you may want to check out and use.

Endless OS Introduction

Language: English
Time: 3:05

Meet Endless OS

Language: English
Time: 4:20

Access video

Description: This is a high level, non-technical description of Endless OS. It concentrates on five key features of Endless OS: asynchronous internet, information everywhere, pragmatic first, open & accessible, community centric. Highlights key desktop interface features, applications, the app center and app integration.

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