Make hibernation possible

Please support hibernation in a future release.
As far as I can see there are several requests for it.

here are other requests for hibernation (as far as I can understand portugese):

Just curious: is there a roadmap for hibernation?

Personally I have always preferred sleep to hibernation. I also setup up “restore session”, so when I start the laptop it starts back to where I left off. Is shut down, and restore session on startup a suitable alternative to “hibernate”. I do understand that restore session takes a bit longer than coming back from hibernation, but for me anyway the extra time is insignificant.

@wove, yes , I think “Restore session” would be a reasonable substitute to Hibernate. Is there some howto available for setting up “Save session” and “Restore session”?

Sorry for the delay, I am often too scattered for my own good. :slight_smile:

I have been using the Endless 5 beta. In the Endless 5 beta you can install the Gnome extension manager from the software center. Using the browse tab you can search for extensions. There you will find “Another Window Session Manager”.

Configuration settings for the extension will allow you to setup save and restore session, so you can start back at where you were when you shutdown. That exension does not work with Endless 4. There is a save and restore windows that does work with Endless 4, but I found it to be useless.

So I assume as of now on Endless 4 there is simply no way to either hibernate or restore session, but on Endless 5 it is possible to setup a restore session, but from what I can see there is still no option for a proper “hibernate.”

Hopefully this will come close to meeting your needs

@wove thanks for the infos. I dare a bit switching to the beta version. It is a bit disappointing that there is apparently no solution for Endless 4

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