Missing apps for "Another window session manager"

In this thread @wove suggested to use “Save Desktop” in “Another window session manager” as an alternative to hibernation. In trying to set up “Another window session manager” I encountered the following problem:
There are apparently some package(s) missing on my vanilla EndlessOS 5.0.1. @wove does not remember having installed anything special, so he could not provide any additional tips, what I might install additionally.
What is missing?
How can I install the missing pieces?
Any help is appreciated.
eos-diagnostic-230326_163444_UTC 0200.txt (1.1 MB)

Since it looks like nobody has an idea here, I opened an issue at github.

and got the recommendation to install the missing pieces via apt

Since Endless OS is a Debian derivative distribution, you can install the gtop via:
apt install gir1.2-gtop-2.0 libgtop2-dev

but that won’t be possible. Any ideas what to do under EnndlessOS?

You could use apt after running:

sudo eos-dev-unlock --hotfix

but any packages you install will disappear with each subsequent OS update. I don’t recommend doing this.

You might be able to download the .deb with apt download gir1.2-gtop-2.0, open it in File Roller, extract the .typelib file and copy it to somewhere in /usr/local (which is actually a symbolic link to /var/local, a writeable path). I tried this quickly but it didn’t work. I assumed that /usr/local would be in the gobject-introspection search path, but maybe it is not.

@wjt thanks. nlpsuge modified the package and it starts, but I encountered other problems

@wjt after some modifcation of AWSM by nlpsuge finally AWSM loaded, but it is disfunctional for saving the session on logout/restart/shutdown. It throws an error/exception, for details see in the issue at github. This is as far as I unterstand nlpsuge due to a compatibility problem of gnome-shell 41. Current version of gnome-shell is 44.

Any ideas when EOS will upgrade gnome-shell to a more up-to-date version?

Sorry, no timeline for that at present.

sorry to read that. So this alternative to hibernation is currently not viable and I repeat my plea for hibernation.


Still no news?

No chance for hibernation or saving sessions?