Não consigo localizar meu wi-fi apos a atualização para o Endless 3.9

eos-diagnostic-201228_202005_UTC-0400.txt (1,7,MB)

It seems that for some reason, your WLAN card finds your Network, but immediatly disconnects from it. Can you please follow the instructions in the thread below to completely remove your network configuration and then connect to it again:

Boa tarde. Fiz todo o procedimento, porém ainda não localiza o meu wi-fi

I did a little more investigation, and unfortunately it turned out that many people using the same wireless card as your device has (Qualcomm QC9377) have the same issue - dropping connections or no connection at all :frowning:.

Nobody currently has worked out a stable solution yet. Some people reported success when configured their internet router to use a 2.4 Ghz channel width of 20 Mhz, so eventually this may work for you too. Please note that not all internet routers let you configure this and it may be hidden somewhere deep inside the configuration interface if it is.

Tive o mesmo problema.
Meu ícone Wi-Fi sumiu e não consigo acesso à internet.
Alguma nova solução para o problema?

não conseguiram me ajudar. continuo sem localizar o wifi

Atualizando para o Endless OS 3.9.3 pela Central de Aplicativos resolve seu problema?

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