No Update from 4.0.14 to EndlessOS 5.0.0 available

According to Release | Endless OS 5.0.0 Endless OS 5.0.0 is out and my system should update without too much intervention., as I understand this sentence:

I saw yesterday the note in the app center that 5.0.0 is available and I agreed to download the new release, but it is not available after reboot …

App center in turn, tells me that system is up to date:

About says:

eos-diagnostic-230216_111705_UTC 0100.txt (2.2 MB)

BTW: should eos-diagnostic be run via sudo or are user rights sufficient?

Hello @btreut! I looked at your logs and you are running version 4.0.14, so I believe what has happened is that you had an update to 4.0.14 available, which you downloaded and installed. The updater only automatically checks for new updates every 14 days by default, so that is probably why you are not seeing it. You can click on that ⟳ icon on the top left to make it check for new updates if you want.

Please let us know if that solves your problem.

@jprvita thanks, ⟳ worked (although it appeared to do nothing for some minutes). I was almost sure that app center announced that EndlessOS 5.0.0 was available on Feb., 16th, but apparently you’re right. Now I am on 5.0.0

It does not need to be run via sudo.

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