Release | Endless OS 5.0.0

Endless OS 5.0.0 is out! Downloadable images have been released on January 27, 2023 for new installations, and now that Endless OS 4.0.14 is out, updates will start to slowly become available to new users.

Since this is a major release that introduces visual changes, automatic upgrades will be delayed by 14 days after the computer first “sees” the 5.0.0 update. The computer can only find the update to 5.0.0 if it is running Endless OS 4.0.14. During that period, users will see a notification and banner in the App Center informing that an update is available. They can click on “Lean More” to get familiar with the new version before updating, or click on “Download” to manually apply the update. After 14 days the update will be automatically applied.

There is too much new and improved on Endless OS 5 to highlight on this post, so I will just leave a screenshot of the new desktop, and a link to the full release notes.


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Updated to Endless OS 5.0.0. Nice UI. Gnome 41.3 on Wayland.

Thank you.

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