Endless Key

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How does the Endless Key work?

How does the Endless Key work? You can use the Endless Launcher app on the Endless Key to browse the Encyclopedia, Explore Learning Content available through the Kolibri educational platform, or Restart and Try Endless O…

3 August 15, 2021
Access educational content

Access educational content in Kolibri (Windows and macOS) Follow the instructions based on your operating system. a. In Windows, press Explore Content from the Endless Launcher. b. On macOS, double click Kolibri for …

3 October 17, 2020
Working with the Endless Key in Windows

Working with the Endless Key in Windows Open the Endless Key in Windows Insert the Endless Key into a USB 3.0 port (See How to identify USB 3.0 ports). In the Windows File Explorer, open the Endless Key USB drive. N…

2 September 23, 2020

Troubleshooting Challenges when restarting into Endless OS If your computer starts back up in Windows, as opposed to restarting in Endless OS, or displays an error message, you might have an incompatible BIOS. How to c…

1 September 23, 2020
About the Endless Key category 1 September 9, 2020
Restart and Try Endless OS Not Working 2 January 1, 2021